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by Brian R
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Seattle, WA •• July 24, 2001 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• We are heading directly for the Olduvai cliff. Apocalypse. Ragnarok. Doomsday.

I have talked with many individuals about the coming end of cheap oil and what it means for global civilization. Done my best to explain the facts as laid out by Colin Campbell, Jean Laherrère, Duncan, Youngquist, Ivanhoe, etc.; brought out the additional details provided on the great German website,; and, above all, pointed out the incisive historical insight of Joseph A. Tainter ("The Collapse of Complex Societies"). All in vain. I am viewed by all and sundry as a "kook," an alarmist on the fringe of society who isn't quite right in the head, or a vociferator of trivial opinions. Let's all turn to the sports pages....

The utter disconnect between oil prices and oil depletion makes it impossible for any serious public consideration to be devoted to the imminent collapse of the world economy. At least, any consideration by the American electorate.

In contrast to the somnolence of the U.S. voter, the current American high command, I have discovered through careful attention, is perfectly aware of what is coming. Their goal (if any) seems to be to keep the masses absorbed in diversions like gay rights, racial profiling and free drugs for seniors while they themselves prepare for the Novus Ordo Seclorum (cf. the dollar bill) of rapid population reduction.

America's "unconditional-surrender" victory in WW II was a tragedy of unprecedented proportions. For it enabled not just the long-term survival of Communism, the most murderous ideology the world has EVER seen, but the development of fantasy as political tool. From 1945 on, the U.S. and its client states, imagining themselves possessed of divine powers, have sucked the world dry of its cheap oil - the only chance our species will have had to make the leap to a higher stage of evolution.

It is useless to try to explain to invincibly ignorant economists that their math, charts and tables are valid only within certain carefully prescribed limits. All but a few are convinced that trees can and will grow to the moon, given enough money. The Zeitgeist is too powerful. Everyone wants to jump off of the cliff at the same time, since anything else is unthinkable, and the political structure is unchangeable.

Thus we can sum it up: the American experiment has failed. The U.S. Constitution is a suicide pact. For the few who would like some faint idea of what is ahead, I suggest reading about the savagery which accompanied and followed the fall of the Western Roman Empire (ca. 450-650). When reading, remember: now we have nukes.

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